SmalltalkJVM: From dream to …


My Smalltalk for the Java Virtual Machine is progressing and while I’m not in the home stretch yet I can see the turn that leads to that stretch ! When I reach that turn I’ll open up the github account for people to download the project.

So what is this Smalltalk for the JVM going to do:

  1. Provide a Smalltalk-80 implementation that compiles to bytecode
  2. Provide a command line interactive environment like IRB or Lisp REPL
  3. Provide debug support (breakpoints etc)
  4. Provide generators for converting Smalltalk-80 to other languages, like Ruby, Python and Javascript, and to target other VM’s like LLVM and Parrot.
  5. Provide build tools and libraries to get things done (like rspec, rake, roodi, stunit etc).
  6. Provide a port/implementation of Seaside !
  7. Provide tools for bundling your code for deployment to J2EE containers.

If you would like to know more then please drop me a line or follow smalltalkjvm on twitter.

*This image which I’m calling Saint Duke (ST Duke) was done by Tim Cuthbertson, who is not only a talented developer, but a juggler and a 3D artist.

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  1. steve.rees Says:

    Hi James,
    Sounds like an interesting project. I’ll be really interested to see your approach. I presume invokedynamic will take care of the message send semantics. (How) do you plan to provide Exception handing support and Contexts? From what I understand a Seaside port will depend on that latter in particular. Any idea when you are likely to open up the github repo?


    BTW I’m a maintainer for the Strongtalk VM, so this is slightly more than idle curiousity. I also have a bit of knowledge about ST VM implementation.

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