Dell: The D is for Customer Disservice ..

This post is about the bad Customer Service I received  from Dell’s online chat facility and how I think putting Customer Service Operators in front of Customers without the proper tools is tantamount to sending troops into battle without weapons. Your going to loose the battle for a happy Customer, and your staff are the casualties.

Unhappy Dell

About 10 years ago I had a Motorola mobile and I wanted to know if I could use it in the United States. I rang the local provider I was with to ask. The Customer Service representative said they could not answer my question and that I should try Motorola directly and could I hold. I then heard a flicking noise like the pages of a telephone directory were being turned. This was 10 years ago. I asked the operator what she was doing and she responded “I’m looking up Motorola’s number for you, I can’t put you through but I can give you their number.”. What helpful service. I was a customer of the provider for quite some time after that and I was very happy with the service.

Today I read an article on on the new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition which comes with Linux installed. I went to Dell Australia and searched for it. No Luck, so I went to the Dell US site thinking that maybe it has been released in the States and down under might be lagging behind. Nope, no Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition on the site. I used the search box top right. Why would Dell announce a product was available and yet not list it on the site. Frustrating.

I was just about to leave the site when a window popped up  and asked me if I would like to talk to a Customer Service Operator and I clicked Yes. What follows is a transcript of that discussion, which Dell emailed to me when I closed the chat window. I have removed the names of the operators since this post isn’t about them, it is about the bad Customer Service I received because of the tools provided to them. Needless to say I didn’t buy a Dell today and I’m not sure if I ever will again. Although I probably should not even have considered them after the Battery in the Dell Latitude I have failed to charge just 3 months after getting it. Another story.

chat log

What I want to happen is for the search to return the product I’m looking for.  Secondly, when dealing with Customer Service I want the first person I deal with to be able to handle my query. When being handed from one person to another I expect not to have to repeat my story, especially when it is in electronic form for all to see.

Dell, please don’t send your troops to the front line without proper support, its abusing them and loosing you Customers. Please don’t tell me your systems are not compatible or don’t talk as that is just an excuse. I write software and I could make them talk.

When Customer service systems don’t align or sync to provide Service then you are simply automating a processes to upset customers quickly. Do you really want that?

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